We're Bringing TU Pride to Seattle

TU activists will be leading the labor delegation in this Sunday's Seattle Pride Parade – walking directly behind one of the main hometown sponsors of the event, T-Mobile US! The company's corporate headquarters are just outside the city.



TU activists will lead the labor delegation in this Sunday's Seattle Pride Parade.


TU members, plus CWAers from Local 7800, CWA Local 7803 and Association of Flight Attendants-CWA, and union and community allies will be waving our bright magenta #JusticeAtTMobile signs to send a loud and proud message for justice and fair treatment on the job. Just as we raised awareness during the Albuquerque Pride Parade, parade marchers will be handing out palm cards about CEO John Legere and throwing candies wrapped in messages about the campaign and

If you're not in Seattle, you can join the action by tweeting #JusticeAtTMobile on June 29.