Wisconsin Recall Race Drives Activists to Get Out the Vote

CWA activists' get-out-the-vote efforts have gone into overdrive in the last few days before Wisconsin's recall election.

"The response has been incredible," said CWA Local 4603's Kathy Antoniewicz. "People are willing to come out and knock on some doors and make some phone calls. I don't think there's more than a handful of union members who don't get the magnitude of this election."

Across the state — from Madison to Kenosha to Green Bay — members are doing everything possible to encourage union families to go to their early voting location and vote now. Armies of canvassers are encouraging union members to go vote for Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett and kick Republican Gov. Scott Walker out of office for his assault on public workers and bargaining rights. Activists are using their vacation time to work the phones and talk to as many Wisconsin voters as possible. And supporters from Michigan, Illinois, New Mexico and other states are joining the effort, too, making phone calls to be sure everyone gets out to vote.

For Antoniewicz and others, that will mean joining up with We Are Wisconsin this weekend to knock on more than 100,000 doors in Racine.

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