The CWA News | Volume 72, Issue #1 | Spring 2012

Volume 72, Issue #1 | Spring 2012

Strong New Workplace Violence Language At Kaleida Healthcare

‘We worry whether what started on the street is going to be finished in the ER’

Health care workers in New York State's Kaleida network of hospitals and health care centers won a new workplace violence committee and a first-time commitment from Kaleida management to address the issue as part of contract negotiations last year.

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For N.J. Child Protective Services Workers, Violence Comes with the Job

‘Sometimes, you really do take your life in your hands’

Child care workers face many of the same risks of violence as law enforcement officers. They work in high-crime neighborhoods at all hours of the day, and they don't always know what to expect when entering a home.

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Last September, Brent Robinson, a Verizon field technician, started feeling sick while installing phone service at a customer's house in Cucamonga, Calif. Working outdoors in 100-105 degree heat, the Local 9588 member called his supervisor and asked to be released to go home. That request was denied, and Robinson continued with the installation.

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