The CWA News | Volume 72, Issue #2 | Summer 2012

Volume 72, Issue #2 | Summer 2012

United We Stand, Divided We Fall

How CWA members and allies are taking on the 1 percent

As CWA activists keep up the fight for fair contracts, bargaining rights, economic justice and a stronger democracy, that old adage has never been truer. We can’t go it alone. That’s why we’ve joined together with our progressive allies in our push for bargaining rights, secure jobs, fair trade, good healthcare for all and retirement security. Together, our growing coalition is tackling climate change, the DREAM act, immigration reform and measures to decrease home foreclosures.

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Across the country, lawmakers and governors are pushing for legislation that guts workers’ collective bargaining rights, benefits and pensions. They’re attacking on voting rights, immigrants and a fair tax system. But CWA and activists allies are launching initiatives and building coalitions to fight back, working to restore economic and social justice and democracy.

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As long as conservatives try to paint unions as greedy self-interested institutions — “special interests” just after their slice of the pie — labor law reform is unlikely to spark a romantic association for progressives.

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