Get a Local Website

Laborweb is an easy-to-use solution for setting up and maintaining local websites.  And it's FREE!

Benefits of Laborweb:

  • it’s FAST: Locals can build their own website in less than an hour.
  • it’s EASY: Take control of your content - no HTML or other technical skills are required.
  • it’s FREE: The design, hosting, maintenance, training and upgrades are provided at no cost by CWA.
  • it’s SUPPORTED: Be part of a bigger program - trainings, list serves, syndicated content and more.

To sign up and get started, fill out this form.  Got questions? Contact us.

Click below to view some CWA Laborweb local websites.

CWA Local 7800

NCPSO-CWA Local 2055

NABET-CWA Local 11

CWA Local 6215