What Workers Are Saying

"AT&T respects our right to organize together and form a union. The choice to get a union was left up to us."

Kelly Johnson
Retail Sales
Lathrup Village, MI

"Management didn’t pressure
us or try to interfere. Our union campaign was positive and without conflict. We didn’t attack the company and they didn’t attack us. We were focused on improving our jobs and making AT&T Mobility a better place to work."

Larry Barrett
Wireless Tech 2
Schaumberg, IL

"Being part of CWA has given me confidence and security. Being part of CWA has made working at AT&T more enjoyable for us. We have confidence in dealing with management over disciplinary actions and other matters. We have a real voice at AT&T Mobility now. We will have disagreements with the company, but with CWA we are secure in knowing that we have the right to disagree without consequences."

Shawna Brown
Customer Service Rep
Ocean Springs, MS
Exec. Vice President
CWA Local 3519

"Organizing a union is much easier. Under the CWA-AT&T Mobility agreement, organizing a union isn’t an adversarial process. You get union representation when a majority of your coworkers sign CWA authorization cards. When you build enough support, you circulate the cards to be signed. You get a union when your cards are certified by an outside, independent third party."

Heather Trainor
Sales Support Rep
New York, NY