Apr 30, 2015

New York City Joins Growing Numbers of Cities Opposing the Trade Deal

The New York City Council passed a resolution declaring the city a "TPP-free zone" and urged Congress to reject Fast Track legislation for the trade deal. Read More

Apr 30, 2015

Texas Democratic Party Declares Opposition to the TPP and Fast Track

The Texas Democratic Party came out strong in opposing the TPP and the current Fast Track authorization that would block legislators from amending even a single provision of a trade agreement until 2021. Read More

Apr 30, 2015

More Local Governments Declare Their Communities to be “TPP Free Zones”

Ohio CWAers convince the City of Columbus and Trumbull County, Ohio, to declare their communities against Fast Track for the TPP. Read More

Feb 25, 2009

Copy Desk: Local 2202’s Newsletter Gets the Copy Desk Treatment

This month, we’ve revised a story from Local 2202’s CWA Voice, the subject of our first “Extreme Makeover: Newsletter Edition.” Read More

Feb 25, 2009

Extreme Makeover: CWA Voice, the publication of CWA Local 2202

We’d like to thank CWA Local 2202 for offering to be our first participant in what we hope will be a series of “Makeover” features that will help everyone produce the best newsletters possible. Local 2202, based in Virginia Beach, Va., produces a newsletter every two months called CWA Voice. Let's see how we can make it even better. Read More

Apr 30, 2008

Ask the Experts: Media Coverage

We're planning a rally. How do we get good media coverage? Click "Read More" for the answer... Read More

Retirement Security Icon

Retirement security is critical to the futures of all workers, and CWA workers are no different. CWA works with members to help them achieve the best possible retirement program, and advocates for them through political action at that local, state, and national levels.

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CWA is committed to fighting in Washington DC for policies and laws that protect our members jobs from offshoring, create an environment of investment in good quality jobs, and ensure a stable future for the growth of our members' jobs.

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CWA is committed to securing accessible, affordable health care for all.

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