Paid Sick Leave Law Goes into Effect in Arizona

In a previous post, this blog highlighted six states (and DC) with laws ensuring workers had access to paid time off in case of an illness.

Last month Arizona became the seventh state mandating employees have access to paid sick leave.

Arizona’s Fair Wages and Healthy Families Act will apply to all employees regardless of employer size and occupation, with the exception of state and federal workers. Earned leave days can be used in case of the employee or a family member’s illness, a public health emergency, or for recovery in the case of domestic violence or other abuse.

State When Effective? Who is Covered? How are Paid Leave Hours Accrued? Minimum Paid Time Available per Year? More Info
Arizona July 1, 2017 All Employees 1 per 30 hours worked 24 - 40 hours (depending on firm size) Industrial Commission of Arizona



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