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Dear shareholder: You have a voice.  Let your voice be heard.

Learn your shareholder rights.  Find out how other shareholders are working together to stop corporate greed.  Stand up and be counted - and learn the right way to do it.

About this project

This information is for CWA members, local officers, and retirees considering the submission of shareholder proposals as individuals, or who are interested in a corporate campaign conducted by CWA. The information here is intended to inform shareholders of their rights and facilitated the exercising of those rights - as individuals, whether shares have been purchased in one’s own name, or through a company savings plan, 401(k) plan, stock broker or mutual fund that may hold the shares in its name for one's benefit. The project is also intended to provide guidance to CWA officers who may assist the union in conducting a corporate campaign. 

The resources section includes a set of materials that will hopefully be both informative and full of useful information about shareholder activism.

  • Guide to Shareholder Activism for CWA Members | Click to download.
  • Everything You’ve Always Wanted to Know About the Annual Meeting of Shareholders But Were Afraid to Ask
    This publication appears here through the generosity of the Council of Institutional Investors. | Click to download.
  • Corporate Campaign Guidelines
    The following guidelines are designed to make CWA shareholder campaigns more effective, and to protect CWA and participants from potential liability for actions in connection with such campaigns, by assuring compliance with the federal laws and regulations that govern proxy solicitations.   Keep reading...
  • Rule 14(a)8 – Federal Regulation of Shareholder Proposals | Click to download.

Corporate Governance

  • Annual Election of Directors | [download]
  • Cumulative Voting in the Election of Directors | [download]
  • Majority Vote Director Elections | [download]
  • Over-Extended Directors | [download]
  • Political Contributions Report | [download]
  • Recapitalization Plan (“One Share, One Vote”) | [download]

Executive Compensation

  • Death Benefit Arrangements (“Golden Coffins”) | [download]
  • Dividends Policy for Executives (“Phantom Dividends) | [download]
  • Report on Pay Differential between Senior Executives and Lowest Paid 10% of Workforce | [download]
  • Shareholder Advisory Vote (“Say on Pay”) | [download]
  • Shareholder Approval of Executive Severance Packages | [download]
  • Supplemental Executive Retirement Plans | [download]
  • Tax Gross-Ups for Senior Executives | [download]

Social / Public Policy