50th Anniversary of the Civil Rights Act

As we celebrate this landmark legislation, remember, there is still work to be done. Virginia Anderson-Dunbar gives the history.

Civil Rights Act Signing

Nov 20, 2014

CWA Statement on the President’s Immigration Accountability Executive Action

CWA commended the President's action as a good start to fixing our broken immigration system. Read More

Nov 6, 2014

Post Election: CWA Activists Pivot to Fight Against Fast Track/TPP

Starting today, CWA activists are turning their attention to stopping the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), a dangerous trade deal that threatens our jobs, communities and the environment. Read More

Oct 16, 2014

Justice Upside Down in Ferguson, Mo., Say Coalition in Weekend Protest Marches

CWA members gathered in St. Louis, Mo., over the weekend to march for economic, racial and social justice in continuing protests over the August 9, 2014 police shooting of Ferguson, Mo. teenager Michael Brown. Read More

Sep 4, 2014

Trans-Pacific Partnership Update

CWAers and union activists in New York rally against fast track authority for the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Read More

Aug 28, 2014

Inequality: Rebuilding the Middle Class Requires Reviving Strong Unions

Check out this new report from Campaign for America’s Future, on reviving strong unions to reverse the growing inequality in our country. Read More