Clock Ticking on AT&T Contracts

Local 1298 - AT&T

Members of CWA Local 1298 leaflet spectators at the NCAA Women's Basketball tournament in Bridgeport, Conn.

Local 6143 - AT&T

In San Antonio, Tex., members of Local 6143 tell AT&T we're fighting to hold on to the American dream.

Local 9003 - AT&T

Members of Local 9003, techs from the Juanita Street garage in Los Angeles, do some "practice" picketing.

D4 Health Care - AT&T

In Pontiac, Mich., Kristen Harkonen, steward, and Monica Shadowens, chief steward, for Local 4123, lead protest against AT&T's demands for health care cuts.

Mobilization is in high gear for the final week of bargaining for new contracts at AT&T East, Midwest, West and Legacy; contracts expire April 7. CWA locals and members are holding rallies and planning lots of actions to support bargaining teams this week and next.

Members of Local 1298 leafleted outside the NCAA women's basketball tournament in Bridgeport, Conn., and CWAers throughout District 4 protested AT&T's demands for health care cuts. In District 9 and throughout CWA, activists mobilized around an unfair attack on prem techs in Bakersfield, Calif., who were hit with a fine and attendance occurrence by local management for doing what CWAers do every Thursday: wearing red.

When local management told the techs they couldn't wear the shirts, they stood tough. You can support them, and all CWAers mobilizing for new contracts with AT&T, by sending a message to local management that we stand together.

Rallies and meetings are planned in every district as our contracts expire, so check out with your local union for the latest, and click here for bargaining updates for every contract.