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Employers Must Post OSHA Occupational Injury/Illness Data from February 1 through April 30

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ChemHat, a "must read" for CWA occupational safety and health activists and leaders, is a joint production of the Blue-Green Alliance, CWA, and the United Steelworkers. This excellent presentation demystifies technical information regarding chemical occupational and environmental hazards as well as the need to move towards the use of safer, alternative products.
Download the presentation.

2018 CWA/USW Health, Safety and Environment Conference

Dear Colleagues:

The CWA/USW Health, Safety and Environment Conference (HSE) will be held March 26-30, 2018 at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center and Westin Hotel in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The conference is designed for participation by local union occupational health and safety activists and leadership.

The national conference will emphasize:

  • Increasing participant knowledge and skills
  • Developing strategies to improve day-to-day member working conditions
  • Sharing knowledge and experience among participants

The conference will convene March 26 at 12:30 p.m. with a union-only session to be conducted through that afternoon and the morning of Tuesday, March 27. Following the union-only session, additional plenary sessions and workshops will be conducted Tuesday through Friday. These sessions will involve labor and management participants. (Per collective bargaining agreements between the USW and represented employers, management health and safety representatives participate in the conference). The conference will adjourn Friday by noon.

Please note: Immediately after the close of the Monday union-only session, there will be a special CWA Meeting.

The joint labor-management workshop sessions conducted Tuesday through Friday will target various specialized topics such as a Union Approach to Health and Safety Committees; Industrial Hygiene; Ergonomics; Heat Stress; Lead; Infectious Disease; Occupational Stress; Emergency Response; and Labor and the Environment.

Registration for the conference will open November 1, 2017, and close the week of March 19, 2018. 

Click here for further details on registration and conference logistics.

Occupational and environmental health and safety remains a key concern for our members and this conference expands our opportunities to improve our health and safety programs.

In Unity,

Christopher M. Shelton

2018 CWA/USW Health, Safety, and Environment Conference Logistics and Registration Information

2018 CWA/USW Health, Safety, and Environment Conference Schedule at a Glance

2018 CWA/USW Health, Safety, and Environment Conference Workshops

The CWA Occupational Safety and Health Department has as its primary responsibility the elimination/minimization of member exposure to hazardous working conditions and potentially related injuries, illnesses, and fatalities. The Department’s primary areas of activity include:

  • Promoting the awareness of occupational and environmental safety and health issues and concerns,
  • Training CWA members in occupational safety and health recognition and control, and
  • Developing an ongoing comprehensive workplace safety and health program.

The primary work functions of the department include:

  • The identification of member workplace safety and health needs,
  • The development and use of information and communication tools including the CWA Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) Webpage,  
  • The development and dissemination of educational and training materials that target the elimination/minimization of hazardous working conditions experienced by CWA members,
  • The provision of technical assistance that addresses specific member workplace safety and health hazards,
  • Conducting and sponsoring both generalized and specialized occupational safety and health education and training classes/programs for CWA leaders and occupational safety and health activists, and
  • Conducting and sponsoring survey and scientific research specific to the workplace safety and health hazards encountered by the Union’s members.

These activities are achieved through the development and use of a coordinated approach within CWA involving headquarters personnel as well as national, district, and local officers, leaders, and occupational safety and health activists.

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