Call Centers

Call center and telecommunications workers make up a huge number of brothers and sisters in our union, and protecting their jobs from outsourcing and offshoring has been one of CWA’s top concerns.

That is why we worked with two of our strongest Congressional supporters, Senator Chuck Schumer of NY and Congressman Tim Bishop of the 1st Congressional district of New York to introduce legislation that would require call center employees located outside of the US to inform the consumer of their location.  The legislation also covers customer service provided over the internet through "chat" services.

Location-disclosure legislation requires callers be informed where the agent handling their calls is located, and is necessary to help preserve domestic call centers, to protect privacy and safety of US consumers, and to bring work back to struggling American families. Stimulating job growth in the call center industry is critical to maintaining a culture of keeping jobs on these shores and to spurring economic recovery. By forcing companies seeking to increase their pay-offs at the cost of working families to disclose to their customers that their call is being transferred abroad, Americans can access the information they need to fight back, and stem the flow of devastating outsourcing. 

14.8 million workers remain unemployed, and we need government officials to hone in on initiatives aiding industries with the potential to employ more Americans. We need to stop exporting American jobs, and with its disclosure requirements, this bill makes it less beneficial for companies to layoff American workers and send their family supporting wages overseas.

Call Center Legislation