CWA Families Need Our Help

Families in Texas, including many CWA families, continue to struggle in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey and major flooding that hit the region. Texas residents, many of whom lost nearly everything, also must cope with growing health and environmental hazards brought on by flooding and huge volume of trash that can’t yet be removed.

Meanwhile, CWA District 3 is working with locals to assess the needs of CWA members in Florida, Puerto Rico, and the Southeast, following the destruction caused by Hurricane Irma. CWA is monitoring this situation to determine how we can help.

Donations to the CWA Hurricane Harvey Solidarity Fund, 100 percent of which go to CWA members affected by the hurricane, are still needed. You can donate to the solidarity fund here.

Online donations are preferred, but you can also send a check payable to CWA Hurricane Harvey Solidarity Fund to the CWA District 6 office at this address:

CWA Harvey Hurricane Solidarity Fund
c/o Judy Graves
The Parkway, Building One
4801 Southwest Parkway, Suite 115
Austin, Texas 78735

Donations are not tax deductible.

A CWAer's home in Texas after Hurricane Harvey.